Raising Faithful Children
Virgil Hurt
February 5, 8, 15, 22, 2017

These classes offer very practical helps from a Biblical perspective. Subjects include: When and how to discipline, dealing with attitudes, husband and wife relationships, sibling rivalries, entering the teen years.

  • Week 1 – Foundations of Joy, Thou Shalt Not Seethe a Kid in His Mother’s Milk: Exodus 23:19
  • Week 2 – A Father’s Love, Discipline in the Home: Hebrews 12:7
  • Week 3 – The Rod, A Primer of Spanking: Proverbs 22:15
  • Week 4 – Delightful Habits, Like the Sabbath: Isaiah 58:13-14

Stories from the English Reformation
Dr. Brad Littlejohn
October 23, 2016
Davenant Trust

The Creation Science Conference
Dr. Gordon Wilson
July 23-24, 2016

The Bible and Your Money
David Cooper
August 3, 2014

A Christian View of Law
Rodney Chrisman
July 23 ,2014

2010 Apologetics Conference: Unapologetic Apologetics
Douglas Wilson
A joint conference with portions sponsored by Providence Church, Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and the Federalist Society of Liberty University School of Law.

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The Joyful Home
Virgil Hurt

If your goal is to have a joyful home, then these childrearing talks will be of help to you.  Pastor Hurt addresses the biblical basis of instilling wisdom into your children.  In addition to foundational principles, he also spends time talking about some very practical ‘how to’ issues.Many Christians today want their children to obey.  In a world gone mad, simple obedience is seen as a gift from heaven.  But that is not necessarily the case.  Mere obedience is not the goal.  We want our children to be obedient, but we want much more than that.  We want cheerful obedience.  We want happy children.  We want our children to love God and us their entire lives.

These talks are aimed at parents of small children, but parents of children of all ages will also benefit.

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2007 Conference on the Home: The Covenant Family
Douglas and Nancy Wilson

The nature and idea of covenant governs every aspect of our lives, from worship, to the marriage bed, to the discipline and nurture of our children, to the glorious life of the saints in community. Come join us as we explore God’s Covenant nature and how we relate to Him and to one another through this most fundamental Christian worldview.

“If the covenant characterizes the very life of the Triune God and if it is the key to all of His relationships with man and the physical universe, then the covenant is the central and most important idea in the Christian worldview.”

—Ralph Smith, Eternal Covenant

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2006 Conference on the Home: Bringing Up Godly Children
Douglas and Nancy Wilson

Douglas and Nancy are wonderful teachers in this fundamental duty of Christian parents. Their teaching is biblical, practical, full of wisdom and it works.

Our culture, including our Christian culture, is confused about many things. Perhaps no confusion runs so deep and is so important as the confusion surrounding the duty of raising godly children.

Note: Nancy’s second talk was not recorded, so we are replacing it with two talks she gave at the 2006 Veritas Academy (Lancaster, PA) Teacher Training.  Thanks to for providing these recordings.

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